After the XVZ 1300 Venture Royale was discontinued in 1992, Yamaha was quiet for several years regarding the use of the V4 engine. In 1996, the Royal Star came on the market as a massive cruiser in retro style, which in contrast to many other bikes of this type continued the engine concept. The V4 unit, which makes 140 hp in the VMAX, came in the Royal Star despite the larger displacement only to approximately half the value. Yamaha had changed the carburetors and the controls to get more power in the lower rpm range, the maximum torque is already reached at 3,500 rpm. However, the machine with 328kg was not a lightweight. In addition to the V4 concept, a cardan drive was also installed. Some time later, the Royal Star was still provided with the Tour Classic, which had a removable touring screen and hard cases.
In 1999, Yamaha revived the name "Venture" and presented the XVZ 13 TF Royal Star Venture as a new dream ship for Cruiser fans. She was, again the name Cruiser says, not drawn in the style of a sports tourer, but in reference to the Harley Electra Glide as a cruiser for the long haul with full fairing.

Over 400 kilograms of weight were record-breaking, which made a substantial redevelopment of the engine and chassis necessary. Taking over the nominally 74 hp V4 engine of the XVZ 13 A Royal Star simply one to one would not have been befitting of this mass. So, the engine of the venture was upgraded to 95 hp, which was achieved by sharper valve timing, more valve lift and larger carburetors, now with 32 millimeters in diameter. Two voluminous air filter boxes on the left and right behind the leg shields ensure that the big ship does not run out of steam.
From the chassis side, the Venture differs from its "little sister" XVZ 13 A by a thick, under the tank running main frame tube, which should give the steamer sufficient stability even with full load. A new, now standing rear strut provides for the cruiser-appropriate damping comfort. The struts front and rear are air-assisted, but the air pressure can not regulate in contrast to the earlier ventures on a built-in compressor, but only manually with air pump. The weather protection is quite optimal due to the handlebar-resistant fairing with windshield, the thick running boards and the wide leg shields. Only the thighs are thoroughly wet in the long run in the rain, because the fashionable, but more designed to show additional wind deflectors along the mighty stanchions prove to be not particularly effective. The seating comfort of the Venture is unrestricted long-distance suitable. The well-bent handlebar allows for an upright, relaxed posture, thanks to the wide and well-padded saddle longer travel times are no problem. In addition to the fairing, the Venture received two non-removable side cases and a voluminous top case. Overall, this results in a storage space of 127 liters luggage volume, which is enough for most trips for two easy.

As further endurance equipment Yamaha donated the Venture a very well functioning cruise control as well as a complete audio system with intercom function, radio, cassette deck and audio input, manufactured by Clarion. The audio system is also equipped with a CD changer control. The CD changer, which was available as an accessory, finds its place in the left side case and can hold 6 CDs. The whole thing is spent either on the communication system or the four speakers built, the pillion seat has its own volume control installed.

Anyone who has one can confirm it; Big ship driving is in a good mood! Of course, only if one gets involved in the venture and throws reservations quickly overboard. Of course, such a colossus does not glide by itself from one curve to the next. That he is only good for driving straight ahead, is not true. The venture can be persuaded at a very rapid pace without much emphasis on slopes, the leaning freedom of design, of course, does not come close to a sports machine, but better than other representatives of its genus.
Although the air-assisted spring elements in the bow and stern work very comfortably, the Venture still rides adequately stable even with a more aggressive gait and spares its driver from unpleasant sweats. Getting used to it, however, is the front end, which feels as if it were packed in cotton, because the handlebar was comfort-stored in rubber. To develop a feeling for the front wheel is therefore initially quite difficult. In addition, the oversized front 150er roller is quite sensitive to ruts.

The front brake system of the Venture with two brake discs requires a strong hand, but in combination with the strong biting rear disc, the load can be reliably brought to a standstill at any time. An ABS looks for the venture captain unfortunately in vain. Better is the braking effect and the dosing when using steel brake lines. Since the rubber lines are to be changed anyway after a few years, one can take the opportunity. And the revised engine? He is quite unimpressed by the weight of the venture, never seems overly strained, drives most nicely in the lower to medium rpm range and spares the driver V4 typical of annoying vibrations. Despite all inconspicuousness a real character actor, who speaks very clean. And the venture if s must be quite speedy transported to the end of the speedometer scale, so at 180 km / h. Not only because of the easy-to-use cruise control, the entertainment value of this engine is at least as great as that of the complete with the left thumb to use audio system.

No, it's mainly the sound: it trumps that of the on-board music with ease. This 1294 cc V4 opened by his two long stainless steel tails indescribably beautiful sound worlds, the American version of work sounds a bit nicer. Which brings us to the differences to the American and the European version. Up to the exhaust this concerns above all the height of the windshield, the mounting place of the mark and the horns as well as in the USA-designs standard CB-plant incl. Second antenna on the left Topcase side. It should not be forgotten that the venture in Germany was officially only offered from 1999 to 2002, whereby all machines are those of the 1999 model year and only one color combination was offered. A total of 254 pieces were sold by Yamaha in Germany. As of 01.01.2014, 115 copies were still permitted after official figures. The spare parts supply is still secured on Yamaha, the sale of accessories was discontinued in Germany but. Who wants to lift his venture, must therefore look in the US. In the US and other countries, sales continued and the color palette was regularly changed to the new model year. In addition, the seat was padded differently in later model years (from 2001). There were also special models such as Millenium Edition introduced in 2000, which was painted in pearl white / elbe colors and had a light brown seat cover. Only 1,500 copies were built. Each of you carries a serial number on the top case. The Midnight version, however, was offered in black with chrome rivets on the bench.
With the 2013 model year sales in the US then came to an end. Last new copies were sold off in 2014. Whether there is a successor is currently uncertain.


ModelVenture (Royale) 1300
TypeXVZ 1300, TF
Engine4cil, DOHC V-motor
Displacement1294 CC
Compression ratio10.5:1
MaxPower72.1kW at 6000rpm
Max Torque123.0 Nm at 4750rpm
LubricationWet sump
CarburationMikuni BDSR32 x 4
IgnitionTransistor controlled
Fuel capacity22.5 L
Transmission5 Gear
Final TransmissionShaft drive
Oil capacity4.7 L
Overall length2705 mm
Overall with900 mm
Overall height1385 mm
Wheelbase1705 mm
Groud cearance155 mm
Saet height765 mm
Dry weight375 kg
Brakes frontDual 298mm disks
Brake rearSingle 320mm Disk
Suspension frontTelescopic fork with air support
Suspension rearSwingarm - Monocross with air support
Front tyre150/80-16-71H
Rear tyre150/90-15-74H


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